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           1. Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by the English naturalist Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and others, stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. Also called Darwinian theory, it originally included the broad concepts of transmutation of species or of evolution which gained general scientific acceptance after Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859, including concepts which predated Darwin's theories. It subsequently referred to the specific concepts of natural selection, the Weismann barrier, or the central dogma of molecular biology. Though the term usually refers strictly to biological evolution, creationists have appropriated it to refer to the origin of life, and it has even been applied to concepts of cosmic evolution, both of which have no connection to Darwin's work. It is therefore considered the belief and acceptance of Darwin's and of his predecessors' work—in place of other theories, including divine design and extraterrestrial origins.
2. English biologist Thomas Henry Huxley coined the term Darwinism in April 1860. It was used to describe evolutionary concepts in general, including earlier concepts published by English philosopher Herbert Spencer. Many of the proponents of Darwinism at that time, including Huxley, had reservations about the significance of natural selection, and Darwin himself gave credence to what was later called Lamarckism. The strict Neo-Darwinism of German evolutionary biologist August Weismann gained few supporters in the late 19th century. During the approximate period of the 1880s to about 1920, sometimes called "the eclipse of Darwinism", scientists proposed various alternative evolutionary mechanisms which eventually proved untenable. The development of the modern synthesis in the early 20th century, incorporating natural selection with population genetics and Mendelian genetics, revived Darwinism in an updated form.
3. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, as taught as Biology Textbook for Class XII Std. CBSC school, wherein “Unit VII”, the Subject is “Genetics and Evolution”, and in particular “Chapter 7” is describing as “Evolution”. Further it is described in Seven Topics and the last Topic is “Origin and Evolution of Man”. It is published by National Council of Educational Research and Training, 2006, Situated at Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi-110 016 is a biological explanation of how creatures have supposedly “evolved” or developed progressively through natural selection and variation (now known as mutation) over eons of time from the tiny cell to the largest creatures on earth today. What is taught in classrooms is not mere micro evolution—small changes within a species—but macro evolution, the change from one type of creature to another quite distinct life form.
4. What many evolutionists are trying to convince the world of is that there is no need for a Creator since, as they say, evolution can substitute as the mechanism for creating and transforming life. They teach that life arose from non-life and evolved from simpler creatures to more complex life forms. In other words, the tiny cell eventually became an amoeba, then a lizard, then a monkey, and finally human.
5. As one source states: “The dominant life form was the now-extinct sea creature known as a trilobite, up to a foot long, with a distinctive head and tail, a body made up of several parts, and a complex respiratory system. But although there are many places on earth where 5,000 feet of sedimentary rock stretch unbroken and uniformly beneath the Cambrian (layer), not a single indisputable multi-celled fossil has been found there. It is ‘the enigma of paleontological (fossil studies) enigmas,’ according to American paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and historian of science Mr.Stephen Jay Gould.

 6. If, after almost two centuries of digging beneath all the world’s continents, no previous ancestor of this first hard-bodied creature has been found, how then did the ubiquitous trilobite evolve? There should be some previous ancestor if evolution were true.
7. Further important evidence from the fossil record is the absence of transitional forms between species. Darwin was concerned that the thousands of intermediate stages between creatures needed to prove his theory were not in evidence, but he expected they would eventually be found. Yet those thousands of missing transitional forms are still missing!
8. Another reference explains: “If throughout past ages life was actually drifting over in one continual stream from one form to another, it is to be expected that as many samples of the intermediate stages between species should be discovered in fossil condition as of the species themselves … All should be in a state of flux. But these missing links are wanting. There are no fossils of creatures whose scales were changing into feathers or whose feet were changing into wings, no fossils of fish getting legs or of reptiles getting hair. The real task of the geological evolutionist is not to find ‘the’ missing link, as if there were only one. The task is to find those thousands upon thousands of missing links that connect the many fossil species with one another” (Byron Nelson, After Its Kind, 1970, pp. 60-62).
9. Further important evidence from the fossil record is the absence of transitional forms between species. Darwin was concerned that the thousands of intermediate stages between creatures needed to prove his theory were not in evidence, but he expected they would eventually be found. Yet those thousands of missing transitional forms are still missing!” This is a shocking thing to say! Not only have transitional forms been found across the fossil record but every single fossil ever found is a transitional fossil.

10. The fossil record by its very nature has holes, a fossilization event in large animals is incredibly rare and it is no surprise that there are gaps.

11. When there is no real evidence, evolutionary scientists simply make assumptions.
12. If evolution were true, then where is the evidence of different types of animals now “evolving” into other types? Where is the evidence of cats, dogs and horses gradually turning into something else? We do see changes within species, but we do not see any changes into other species. And, as mentioned, we see no evidence of gradual change in the fossil record either. Yet evolutionists continue to assume that transitional forms must have existed.
13. In Darwin’s landmark book On the Origin of Species there are some 800 subjective clauses, with uncertainty repeatedly admitted instead of proof. Words such as “could,” “perhaps” and “possibly” plague the entire book.
14. Evolution is still called a theory—a possible explanation or assumption—because it is not testable according to the scientific method, as this would require thousands or millions of years.
15. This chimp human argument has always been a favourite evolutionary propaganda trick but can be argued another way: chimpanzees and humans are so similar because they share the same designer, have been created with the same biological materials. The DNA is different because they have been programmed differently. The only reason however the environment appears so designed for us is because we adapted to it then changed it to suit us. We have the intelligence and physical body to do that. We were created that way. Now if we evolved from bacteria billions of years ago where did all this extra DNA come from? And what about the genetic code for this extra DNA did it just align itself with different instructions? There is a massive difference between a single cell organism and a human astronaut.

16. Micro evolution explains the adaptation and changes we see in organisms over time. This is a fact and indisputable. But evolution cannot explain the origin of life. Living organisms cannot originate spontaneously from inorganic matter. For example, evolution implies that life originated from rocks and minerals. This is impossible. Where did the DNA come from? Without DNA, there can be no transfer of information from one generation to the next. Where did the information come from? How was it stored in DNA? What was the mechanism for the self-assembly of DNA? This is a mathematical impossibility. There isn’t enough time in the alleged 13-billion-year old universe to allow for it. Do the math on the probabilities of an entire DNA helix assembling randomly? Do the probability of even the simplest protein self-assembling randomly. DNA itself is complex, but all the protein enzymes required for transcription and protein assembly is crazy complex. The math doesn’t work.
17. Human descent from apes. Physiologically, apes and humans have a lot in common. But look deeper into the matter and there is a main distinguishing factor: ‘The mind’. An increase in brain size can account for increased intelligence, but no amount of intelligence in animals will ever bring about the self-awareness and creativity of the human mind. There is also no accounting for the 20% of DNA that is unique only to humans and not present in any other animal.
18. Darwin suggested that all the forms of life we see on earth today have descended from more primitive ancestors by slow gradual change over millions of years. This is so slow that it would be impossible to observe during our lifetime. If this actually happened, then the fossil evidence should show a gradual change from one species of animal into another. In Darwin’s days, and still today, the fossil evidence does not show these intermediate life forms. It shows the final species that would be expected with special creation.
19. The reptile-to-bird transition. To factually prove that reptiles evolved into birds, we would need a few transitional species that show something that is in between a reptilian scale and a feather. None exist. There are fully formed birds with reptilian teeth and claws, but they have feathers and all their other features are those of a bird. This doesn't factually prove an evolutionary link. Again, at best an educated guess.

20. Albert Einstein (Nobel Laureate in physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect) may not have trusted in Jesus, but he still believed in the existence of God. He stated, "I am not an atheist. I don't think I can call myself a pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangement of books but doesn't know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God. We see the universe marvellously arranged and obeying certain laws but only dimly understand these laws."

       21. India Union Minister Hon’ble Mr. Satyapal Singh (Formerly Additional Director General of Police, Government of Maharashtra) has claimed that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is “scientifically wrong” and has suggested that it be removed from school and college curriculum across the country. “From the time we have been hearing stories from our grandparents, ever since books were written, until today, nobody has, either in a story or in writing, said he went somewhere into a jungle and saw an ape turning into a man. This is not written anywhere. Darwin’s theory is scientifically wrong and so, in schools and colleges it must be changed. Since man came on Earth, he has always been man, and will always be man. On series of questioned by many Evolution supporters to the Hon’ble Minister and he reacted and stood by his comment. “I have done PhD in chemistry from Delhi University. I stand by my comment on Darwin’s theory of evolution, which was challenged during his lifetime. Many Western scientists of several developed countries have found loopholes in his theory. In many countries, the theory is not being taught anymore. I therefore stand by my comment”, Mr. Singh told The Sunday Express on 19.01.2018.

          22. Why if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transition forms? Why is not nature in confusion instead of the species being, as we see them well defined? Darwin’s theory of natural selection is incapable of finding the link to prove how one kind of creature could evolve in. The “Darwin’s Theory of Evolution” is false on the following reasons:
i). No scientific law accounts for non-living things coming to life. The soil in your garden didn’t turn into trees and flowers. The plants came from seeds, cuttings, or grafts from other trees and flowers. Chemical evolution has not yet found how the first single celled creature could have evolved. Suppose that man was able to make a living cell in the test tube from raw chemicals, what does that demonstrate?
ii). It is probably heard the famous question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s a real dilemma for an evolutionist to answer. An egg comes from a chicken, yet the chicken comes from an egg. If chicken first, then, it is male or female, the question will arise. How can there be one without the other?
        iii). Formerly, there is a belief in the Greek mythology that Hercules, the god who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Now it is disproved. 
         iv). Our forefathers have found in the universe that there are 9 planets and 27 stars and predicted their movements without any modern scientific equipments. In astrology the movement of planets and stars are calculated accurately and also found 12 houses. Further a planet, for e.g. “Saturn” is occupied in a house for 30 months, wherein during that period, all the planets including “Saturn” are occupied certain period known as ‘bhukthi’ in the 30 months. Further they predicted the date, time and seconds about the new moon, full moon and eclipse. But the same forefathers were not told us anything about the ape turned man.
v). In the Tamil Literature, the great poets lived in 2000 years ago, the Sage Thiruvalluvar and Sage Tholkappiar wrote various books, namely, Thirukkural and Tholkappiam, wherein too, the saints were not told us anything about the ape turned man.
vi). We the advocates to defend murderers and other accused only as a client to save them. Accordingly, we the advocates are formulating a defence within the parameters of the existing law to get him escaped from the clutches of law. Likewise, Darwin is defending the theory in which he is having a belief by collecting the evidence in the biological and historical events in connection the evolution of a human being.
vii). Who are all supporting and promoting the Darwin theory with the support of available some materials in hands and they are telling the things which are about million/billion years ago what happened? and how they arrived the conclusion of such million/billion years? How it is possible, it is unbelievable.

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1.Our Lord Jesus Christ has said "Who answering, said to them: Have ye not read, that he who made man from the beginning, Made them male and female? And he said: "(Mat.19:4). God created the human as male and female and also animal and botanical too.

2. The body constitution of a man is different from a woman. The male flesh is different from female flesh. The body of the male is having hairs but the female is not like that. The genital part of the male is entirely different from a female. God created as male and female in animals also. "Two and two went in to Noe into the ark, male and female as the Lord had commanded Noe. (Gen.7:9) We have seen male and female in Palmira tree also. The female Palmira tree gives fruit but the male Palmira tree is a barren one and it is unable to give fruits. So, nature itself is made it clear that every living creature is male and female only.

          3. The so-called transgender, the man/woman has a defect by birth, likewise the dumb, blind and lunatic. It's important to remember that if someone is transgender, it does not necessarily mean that he or she has a "third gender." Most transgender people do have a gender identity that is either male or female, and they should be treated like any other man or woman. “The exceedingly rare disorders of sex development (DSDs) including, but not limited to testicular feminization and congenital adrenal hyperplasia, are all medically identifiable deviations from the sexual binary norm, and are rightly recognized as disorders of human design. Individuals with DSDs do not constitute a third sex. The statement points out that such gender confusion should be treated as a psychological disorder called “gender dysphasia” and is “a recognized mental disorder” in the most recent edition in Nov. 2014: of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (DSM-V).”

4.  It's important to remember that while being transgender is not in itself an illness, many transgender people need to deal with physical and mental health problems because of widespread discrimination and stigma. Many transgender people live in a society that tells them that their deeply held identity is wrong or deviant. Some transgender people have lost their families, their jobs, their homes, and their support, and some experience harassment and even violence. Transgender children may experience rejection or even emotional or physical abuse at home, at school, or in their communities. These kinds of experiences can be challenging for anyone, and for some people, it can lead to anxiety disorders, depression, and other mental health conditions. But these conditions are not caused by having a transgender identity: they're a result of the intolerance many transgender people have to deal with. Many transgender people – especially transgender people who are accepted and valued in their communities – are able to live healthy and fulfilling lives. The group is most concerned about the regimen of drugs that are given to children to block puberty. “Children who use puberty blockers to impersonate the opposite sex will require cross-sex hormones in late adolescence. Cross-sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) are associated with dangerous health risks including but not limited to high blood pressure, blood clots, stroke and cancer.”
5. For many transgender people, recognizing who they are and deciding to start gender transition can take a lot of reflection. Transgender people risk social stigma, discrimination, and harassment when they tell other people who they really are. Parents, friends, co-workers, classmates, and neighbors may be accepting—but they also might not be, and many transgender people fear that they will not be accepted by their loved ones and others in their life. Despite those risks, being open about one’s gender identity, and living a life that feels truly authentic, can be a life-affirming and even life-saving decision. Transgender people should be treated with the same dignity and respect as anyone else and be able to live, and be respected, according to their gender identity.

        6. It’s not the 'trans' people. They are not much of a problem, because they are suffering from a biological-medical condition-mostly hormonal-and they know it. Children are born with genetic heritage all across the spectrum, most of which are suitable for membership inhuman social civilization. A youngster's gender identity normally results from this natural selection process.
The main forces behind this are:
i.              False "Feminism".
ii.           Aggressive Atheism disguised as "progressive science". 
iii.          Homosexuality and all other forms of rejecting Natural Sexuality;
iv.          Sexualized persons. These people’s activities are always sex and sex is their hidden agenda
7. It is not that we'd hate homosexuals and others. 'Trans' people, for instance, suffer from biological-medical conditions - and little is known of abuse from their side. But LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) people (who only use the 'trans' people as decoy, because they do have a good reason for how they are) are so arrogant in their narcissistic-exhibitionist ways of "pride" parades etc. "Pride" - for what? Is it for being aside of Nature?

8. So sad that children are not allowed being children. They are either male or female there is no transgender child in the world. "And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them"(Gen.1:27). And hence there is male or female no in between. Their idea of gender identity is so scrambled, that God gave them over to a reprobate mind.

9. Just because a boy likes to have long hair, doesn’t mean he is suddenly a girl. And just because a girl likes to play outside, climb trees, and run around, doesn’t mean she is a boy. The adults who adopt the transgender lifestyle need counseling and recovery, not encouragement to continue down a dark path.
10. But sadly, yet again, children are the ones who suffer most.Forced to share bathrooms with “transgender” adults, and thrown in the middle of a culture war, children are innocent victims to the sick and deranged leftist culture! Allowing children to choose what sex they are is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I believe, God made that decision for them. One is either born as a male or as a female we don't get to decide. Just like we don't get to decide who our parents are either.

11. And even worse, major companies like Amazon, Target, and even Johnson & Johnson are known to be sensitive to the pro-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) agenda. The strategy has been immensely successful for HRC, with even once-conservative corporations like “WALMART” joining its “100 percent” club — which includes paying for “transgender” employees “sex-reassignment surgeries” through company health insurance plans. “WALMART”  now finances “gay pride” events like the annual New York City “pride parade”. Is it not something fishy of these companies?

12. The LGBT community is being controlled by Satan, the Great Deceiver. If same sex marriage and sex was normal, these people would be able to procreate naturally with their partner. As we know, this is impossible to do naturally. It is against the nature. Nature is for procreation. If all people had the evil desires of the LGBT community, mankind would be eliminated from the earth in one generation. The homosexual and transgender lobbyists are evil and also perverted people. Their minds are given over to perversion and obsession with their sexual perversion, which is unnatural. It is and always will be (regardless of what any wavering psychologist says) evidence of sick minds and souls.

13. One day I met Dr. M. Kumaresan, (Director, Siva ENT Hospital and Owner & Editor of a Medical Journal). He is an international specialist doctor in Puberphonia and he invited me for Virtual Reality Conference on Feb. 21, 2018 held at TAMILNADU DR. MGR MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, Madras, South India in respect of puberphonia treatment. I attended the conference wherein I found much useful information about the puberphonia. Finally, there is a treatment to these kinds of peoples and later Dr. Kumaresan had supplied an article to me and it is very useful information about the transgender and treatment. I here below attach the Article in “Annexure”.
14. Puberphonia is a type of voice disorder characterized by habitual using high pitched female voice after puberty in male. Based on the research work on puberphonia treatment with boys, the vital components in their lives, popularity friendship, cliques, social status, social isolation, loyalty bulling boy girl relationship and after school activities, cleanly indicates that peer power explore existing myths about creation of transgender.

15. The puberphonia research paper chronicles the collaborative efforts of a team of ENT surgeons, speech language pathologist, mimicry artists, virtual reality therapist, psychologist, sex education and parenthood councilors, in cure of a puberphonia client’s vocal, physical, and behavioral transformation from a male to a female identity. It will detail the process of maintaining the client’s vocal health while adjusting pitch resonant focus, inflection pattern & articulation to create an identifiable male voice profile. In addition this research work will describe the body language and verbal communication practices that facilitate the client’s physical and behavioral metamorphosis. The researchers have a strong desire to change the voice of transgender who like to revert to their original sex identity.

        16.   This study is concentrating on puberphonia. The researchers worked on 68 cases of puberphonia. They invented a new method of treatment for puberphonia.
    i.      This study has to be done world wide
   ii.      This study is self-limited by sexual privacy revealing.
   iii.     More work has to be done on the post-traumatic
            stress reaction of transgender.
   iv.      Step by step, the other causes that initiate the transition
            should be identified.
Speech therapy needs virtual reality therapy with simulation.
The outcome of this study is three fold .
i.             To illustrate the powerful psychological force that
           shaped puberphonia to transgender on their identity
           or inclination.
ii.           To explore the serious dangerous and implications of
           promoting transgender in children.
iii.        To illustrate a non-invasive method of treating puberphonia

17. Nothing a child or teen boy can do will change their biology from male to female. Male will never grow ovaries and females will never grow testes and neither will ever have the actual genitalia of the opposite sex. XY chromosomes will always be XY chromosomes. Ones DNA will always be the sex you were born. One can play the part of a woman but you cannot be one unless you were born one. According to their study; 1 in 26 transgender adult later said; they regretted transiting; while others drifted into psychiatric morbidity and suicide attempts.

18. Who is the transgender? The transgender must be having vagina and penis and also ovary. Can anyone show this type of a creature in the entire world?

19. On December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, wherein Article 16 (i) states that “Men and Women of full age without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and its dissolution”. The founding fathers of the UNO are the real defenders of nature. Hence they affirmed and declared the above statement. The UNO has declared male and female only not the third gender. The so-called third gender is a new innovation of crooked persons.

20. Some crooked fellows have occupied highest position in over all governments and they are trying to demoralize the society, demoralizing the whole system. 70 years have passed from the formation of UNO, still we have not been achieved the 4 main purposes of its formation. The first second and fourth purposes are about peace among nations and the third purpose is lives of poor, hunger and disease. UNO must be keen to achieve its four main purposes. But, the UNO is going the other way. UNO is going beyond the objects. UNO is detracted and detached from its main object. The inspirations and Will of the Founding Fathers of the UNO must be achieved in the world and we have the duty bound to fulfill their wish and ambition and not go beyond.

21. Print media as well as visual media are perverted and propagate negative impact on social behavior and psychology among people. If the world is going against natural order and moral order, then there is no peace in the world. Consequently chaos and confusions will prevail.

22. Lastly, I am not against the protection given to the transgender or given a reservation for them in all places or the bathroom. But I want to tell that the transgender peoples are having the defect by birth and it is curable as per the experts cited reasons in Annexure. The government must take care of the transgender and given them proper care and treatment and give suitable atmosphere to live as an ordinary man or woman.

          ====== ====== ====== ====== ====== ====== =====
Dr. Muthaiah Kumaresan
Dr. K. Navin Bharath

          Puberphonia is a type of voice disorder characterized by habitual using high pitched female voice after puberty in male. Based on 3 years of research work on puberphonia treatment with boys, the vital components in their lives, popularity friendship, cliques, social status, social isolation, loyalty bulling boy girl relationship and after school activities, cleanly indicates that peer power explore existing myths about creation of transgender.
       Puberphonia, peer pressure, transgender, voice therapy, anal sex and pleasure, prolong insertion.
Managing Director,
Siva ENT Hospital
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Royapettah, Chennai-600 014
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Director, Department of ENT.
Cell: +91-98840 62846

         The estimated population Tamil Nadu (a state in India) estimated population in 2017 IS 79.788 million. Tamil Nadu has estimated population of 30,000 transgender people. The incidence of puberphonia in India estimated to be about 1in 900,000 population. This research paper chronicles the collaborative efforts of a team of ENT surgeons, speech language pathologist, mimicry artists, virtual reality therapist, psychologist, sex education and parenthood councilors, in cure of a puberphonia client’s vocal, physical, and behavioral transformation from a male to a female identity. It will detail the process of maintaining the client’s vocal health while adjusting pitch resonant focus, inflection pattern & articulation to create an identifiable male voice profile. In addition this research work will describe the body language and verbal communication practices that facilitate the client’s physical and behavioral metamorphosis. We have a strong desire to change the voice of transgender who like to revert to their original sex identity to live with the society.
Problems of puberphonia
         When a young man is reaching the age of 16 (with some teens it starts at the age of 13 or younger) his voice must have changed to become more “manly ‘’voice –dropping down the pitch to the male voice range of tenor, baritone or bass. Adam’s apple will become widened as the system lowers anatomically ,making the vocal cord longer and the tone they produce lower(changing down from the child’s voice of about 400Hz to a man’s voice around 100Hz).
         Some man do not  go through this change and stay with a high pitched voice, creating  a  womanly voice output (around 200Hz) for them, making social encounters very  uneasy for them, as their voices in high pitched women  like while their appearance and behavior in a young male.
               STEP: 1-performing a hormonal test. Results are ok.
          STEP: 2-ENT surgery-scope the vocal cord-if ok.
          STEP: 3-voice therapy.
          STEP: 4-one new method vulva pulling and voice therapy.

Speech therapy
          Using a specially designed pitch changing technique; but treatment of puberphonia disorders is not easy in some cases. Some cases are referred to psychologist and co treating him with counseling as well as voice therapy.
How we proceed to correct into vulva policy
          The first thing we did was use a vibrater to figure out where the resonant frequency of voice was. Then we obtained a tone, generating app on my phone and would held to my ear and hear a particular note that helped me to find my natural required voice .Did it for two or three times and then repeatedly. We are able to measure the pharyngeal space satisfactorily (4).In clinical practice tomographic and radiographic methods(computed tomography) Ct scan of the pharynx are limited to diagnostic use in cases because of the cost and the higher level of radiation posture. Alternative such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or endoscopy although considerably more accurate and MRI is much more expensive. Radiographic comparisons have shown that pharyngometry enable accurate reconstructions of the geometry of the in way. Accurate pharyngometry presents acceptable reproducibility. Measurement of a given subject varies by 10% and this variation may be related to physiological changes artifacts caused by noise or in consistent breathing. This method can accurately predict voice as diagnosed by polysomagraphy with a high sensitivity (90.9%) and specificity (88.4%).
       Length of the true vocal folds is given by Su (4)et at  as 14. 6mm for men and 11.2mm  for  women based  on 165 samples  photograph taken. Cho (2) etal give the result of 17mm for men and 14.2 mm for women during the comfort phase measured using ultrasound.
          Humming along to the needed tone we are able to find that tonal space within the larynx or pharynx, a process that eventually become memory. It is a vocal training problem similarly we can find out the ones vocal resonance , changing the way ones voice vibrates throughout the body and assigning its timbre; changing the way one enunciates and add inflection to words and training ones vocal range to hit higher or lower notes in every day speech. We have to pursued vocal therapy; the changes were so subtle that at first they were unnoticed. Everyday quietly practicing and listening to our self for from anyone who could hears. After few days, we can have defining movement of transition of voice.


         From 1990 onwards we tried various methods to treat puberphonia. Earlier days laryngeal stretching was done by us with Rusch-Miller laryngoscope and we published it in our book “A Research in Otolaryngology”. There was immediate improvement in the voice quality from child pitch to male pitch. Patients were followed and had been sent to speech therapist .There was no consistent improvement in my cases. Dr. Sudhakar Vaidya (1) did laryngeal stretching with intubation laryngoscope. There was immediate improvement in the voice quality to male pitch. He did it repeatedly. In this article Dr.Sudhakar Vaidya stated “no reference is a variable except from Dr.M.Kumaresan (Chennai)”, who has published his work in book “a research work in otolaryngology” in 1992.
          We tried stretching of all the structures which deliver the sound, i.e. tooth, lips, tongue, nose and soft palate.  Finally we invented this procedure on 2010 for an immediate and permanent cure for puberphonia. More than 70 patients had been successfully treated using this method. I am able to follow only 11 cases for 5 years. These studies were conducted in patients between the ages of 14 to 27 years, diagnosed clinically as cases of puberphonia. Other causes of voice changes were excluded for the study. Consent from the patient’s guardian was obtained before the procedure. Patient was asked to report empty stomach for six hours before the procedure.

New technique in management  
           As soon as the patient is received a complete examination is done to exclude local pathology. None of the cases have local lesion. The structure and function of both vocal cords are normal. The procedure is done as an outpatient procedure and he is taken to the outpatient theatre. Under local anesthesia (mouth and throat spray with 4% xylocane) tongue depressor is used to see the uvula clearly. With a curved long artery forceps uvula is cached and asks him to say few words with open mouth. Slowly he will get the masculine voice. It is continued with repetition. Along the artery forceps a tie is placed with silk thread and the artery forceps is removed. (Picture1).
          He is requested to shout with open mouth. The voice should come from soft palate, not from the larynx. He can continue to practice with the thread inside the mouth. Regular voice therapy makes a permanent male voice. The important in voice therapy: the voice should come from the tooth, lip, tongue, nose and palate. Not from the larynx. 
                 The silk threat knot will remain in the uvula for a week. (Picture2).It will fall out within one week time. No necessary to remove the knot. No bleeding in the tip of the uvula.

Concept of this therapy:
          5000 years back Tholkappiyar (a Saint in Tamil Language from Kanyakumari District in South Pole of India) a visionary in literature clearly written about the origin, production and strengthening of voice.
((It is in Tamil is as follows:
 உந்தி முதலா முந்து வளி தோன்றி
தலையினும் மிடற்றினும் நெஞ்சினும் நிலைஇ
 பல்லும் இதழும் நாவும் மூக்கும் 
அண்ணமும் உளப்பட எண் முறை நிலையான் 

The translation of the above Poem is : Pirappiyal (The content of the section) – This is a section on articulatory phonetics. It talks about pronunciation methods of the phonemes at the level of diaphragm, larynx, jaws, tongue position, teeth, lips and nose. The visual representation of the letters is also explained)). 
Voice should come from lower abdomen. The sound should vibrate and resonate in the head, neck and chest. The voice should be delivered out only by tooth, lip, tongue, nose and palate. So palatal voice should be practiced before this surgical procedure. Patient is encouraged to stand in front of the mirror and practice to make loud noise with open mouth with the movement of the soft palate.
       For palatal voice three types of forcible expiration is done with loud noise.
      1.   Two arms should be stretched forward and with inspiration, hand is flexed to the chest and with inspiration. Then make loud voice “ha”with palate along with forceful stretching out of arms.
      2.   Move the hands downward; with inspiration flex the hands to the chest and make loud “Om”noise while expiration with open mouth and movement of the soft palate, stretch out the arms forcefully downwards.
      3.  Similarly the hands should be raised above the head and then bring hand to the chest with inspiration. Forcefully stretch upward the hand with open mouth, shouting done “ooom” or “Tamil” with palate movement. The voice shout come from lower abdomen.
         The same palatal training should be repeated several times every day. With good encouragement post-operative period itself these cases picked up adult male voice and later they had habituated normal adult voice. Up to 5 years we have followed 11 cases, no recurrence of puberphonia. We are continuing the same therapy with many more puberphonia cases.

           A small technique of treatment for puberphonia is illustrated. The treatment is permanent and immediate. We are doing pre and post-operative hormone  assay, clinical psychologicalassay, counseling, stroboscope, and spectrogram tests to correlate the old theories of endocrinal imbalance, failure of development of secondary sexual characteristics, maturational disturbances, abnormal functional adaptation, deep-seated psychological problems, immature voice, chest voice, breaking voice, immaturity, fear of adult responsibility, losing maternal protection, hero worship of an older boy, feminine tendencies, rejection of masculine voice, small larynx, short vocal folds and natural tenor voice.

1.Sudhakar Vaidya 1 and G. Vyas1(2006).Puberphonia: A novel approach to treatment. Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2006 Jan; 58(1): 20–21.
     Picture - 1 - knot applied in the uvula for pulling  
     Picture – 2 - thread inside the mouth
Total no of puberphonia for to 3 years
Number of cases: 68
Age incidence: 13 to 32 years
Uvula pulling management immediate cup 3 ears
665 cases are completely free from puberphonia in 3 months follow-up. No recurrence by one uvula pulling manure.

Spectrograph :
Spectrograph via speech analyzer computer software
Electoglottography :
          This is a noninvasive way to track vocal fold vibrations. Electrodes are attached to the external surface of the neck close to where the vocal folds are. Glottal changes are measured by tracking the lifting of the larynx during speech.
Laryngeal video stroboscopy :
         During this procedure, a small camera with a bright strobe light is attached to endoscope. The vocal folds can be seen directly while in use on a screen. Vibrations are seen in slow motion thanks to the rapidly flashing strobe light.
Clinical implications:
The present study provide input for further decision making.
1. Make awareness of treatment available for puberphonia. It is curable and it should be corrected.
          Data collection include questionaries’ on motivation for treatment, post-operative experience and standardized measure of psychological symptoms, body image, self-esteem, sexuality and quality of life. It is important to disease these thoughts with all. No child should ever be forced to endure this kind of psychological trauma, but it is important to understand that it was this terribly devastated young mind to begin desperately (perhaps unconsciously) seeking a newer, better identity. So desperately they want a new identity as transgender. Once a boy finds out a new identity and left he enjoys oral and anal intimacy with other male. Anal intimacy is more pleasurable as it provide a change for increasing the time of intimacy. The mechanism of action of anal intimacy is of two folds.
       1.  A natural sphincter constricting ring is available in the analaperture, where the conscious sphincter action and constriction of the introduced penile shaft is carried out voluntarily. It helps in delaying the ejaculation.
       2. The lower alimentary canal is a vacuum tube. It helps in suction and lengthening of the penile shaft, introduced in to the anal canal.
         Some prefer anal intimacy to avoid pregnancy and AIDS and many more psychological factors.
         Once someone accept identity as female, the life continue as for as possible. In the old age they are left out of society and they are dejected in life.
          As that time of new culture of worldwide interest availability women in general were becoming increasingly sexualized. Pornography was becoming more common and explicit. Nothing in the world seemed more popular than the hyper sexual female. Even thoughts boys did not yet understand that sexuality, they see in the internet, television and in magazine that everybody loved a pretty girl. Nothing for a puberphonia boy made him acceptable as a female, so he began obsessing on the image of the other such girls and then began experimenting with feminizing himself.
   Just dreaming up regularly like girls may not have indicated anything other than an unusual fascination and formal of escapism, however after dressing like a girl ,he would then go out walking around town like this.
Limitations of this study :
1.   This study is concentrating on puberphonia. We have worked on 68 cases of puberphonia. We have invented a new method of treatment for puberphonia.
2.   This study has to be done world wide
3.   These study it self-limited by sexual privacy revealing.
4.   More work has to be on the post-traumatic stress reaction of transgender.
5.   Step by step, the other causes that initiate the transition should be identified.
6.   Speech therapy needs virtual reality therapy with simulation.
The strength of the study :
1.   The society should help transgender at the same time  stop developing new trans genders
2.   The post-traumatic stress reaction of transgender; 80% of the transgender die early.
3.   In puperphonia to genetic and hormonal causes are completely ruled out.
4.   Voice analysis in puberphonia and transgender are recorded and almost have similar pattern.
1.No of cases of puberphonia
Voice pitch range
2. no of cases transgender
Voice pitch range
No of cases 68
No of cases 100
Average voice pitch range
160 to 280 Hz
Average voice pitch range
160 to 280Hz


The outcome of this study is three fold :
1.   To illustrate the powerful psychological force that shaped puberphonia to transgender on their identity or inclination.
2.   To explore the serious dangerous and implications of promoting transgender in children.
3.   To illustrate a non-invasive method of treating puberphonia.
Discussion :
        Nothing a child or teen boy can do will change their biology from male to female. Male will never grow ovaries and females will never grow testes and neither will ever have the actual genitalia of the opposite sex.(5). XY chromosomes will always be XY chromosomes.                         
         Ones DNA will always be the sex you were born. One can play the part of a woman but you cannot be one unless you were born one. According to our study; 1 in 26 transgender adult later said; they regretted transiting; while others drifted into psychiatric morbidity and suicide attempts.
          Society should not be catering to delusion notation that people are either trapped in the wrong body or would be better off as another sex ; instead, we should be reinforcing positive “nerd” images and encouraging them to accept their biology, since that in reinforcing reality.
          When young person go through a gender transition, they take all the stress that comes with a major life change. Many biological male and female take the gendered parameter of their voices for granted. Fear of misidentification and social isolation are the common problems with transgender.(2). Male to female transit patient most often do not achieve adequate voice change through hormone therapy.

Puberphonia boys step by step change to TRANSGENDER :
           A boy with puberphonia left him highly emotional insecure and prone towards bulling easily by friends relative and neighbors. The bullies in school tuned in their weakness very early and took great pleasure. As few children are not cared and look after well by parents, they felt rejected out worthless. In terms of sexuality; puberphonia boys were used sexually by older body, teachers and friends. Every time the puberphonia boy was convinced (bribed actually) to prefer oral intimacy or anal intimacy by the male partner. The puberphonia boy actually cannot say that he had recognized the sexual experiences as “trauma” per se, they just seemed exceedingly strange to him and left in him a sensation skin to being hunted. In any case, the exploitation probably at least played a role in “grooming” this sexual identity, albeit arguably unintentionally. Day after day, week after walk month after month it was the same.
        The puberphonia boy spent almost the entity of childhood in a perpetual state of rejection and fear almost at every turn. He thus began turning in wards for escape. He began compulsively feminizing himself. Initially there was no consciously sexual impulse driving it, although that would change after puberty kicked it.
         75% of transgender identified adult have male biology and this incidents may suggest to all that is has been (my opinion) primarily driven by sexual/ psychological the world around them. Males are biologically much more susceptible sexual imagery which has been confirmed by the fact that pornography industry was built almost entirely on male clientele. This susceptibility to the many sexual symbols in our environment, would also explain why transgender inclination have increased as society itself has become increasing sexualized.
          Transgender activism is centered on the internet and is dominated by what is call “ trans cult” extremists, and this kind of extremist cult psychology is  very bad thing to expose on children to, because it is dangerous and manipulative. There are, however, many other good reasons to dissuade children from transitioning.
Future research :
 There is a lack of research into transgender peoples of minority stress and resiliency particularly the impact of transition related intervention on suicidality. Trasgender,29% attempted suicide in the in life time. These findings may be may be useful in creating targeted intervention that take into accurate the alarmingly high rate of suicidality in the population. It is a social cause. Awareness is the first towards helping this great social stigma. We have to identity all puberphonia and trans genders. Those who want to come out of this social stigma; they should be helped .Particularly changing the voice to the required gender helps them. Public will target their past lives with the recognition of their voice quality. Voice of both (transgender and puberphonia) has to be corrected according to their wish. Make them to live with the parents and society. Communities seem unprepared and uneducated to smoothly integrate these people in our societies.
The purpose of this paper is to summarize the transgender have to deal with, in order to survive and merge into society, identify the main  reason for the low public awareness, discuss the  current situation and provide potential solution in reducing the stigma among them.
Future research in voice therapy – virtual reality :
 To develop the next stage in virtual reality therapy; is modeling the aerodynamics of larynx and pharynx. A computed tomography scan of the larynx and pharynx was converted to provide three dimensional (3D) models based on the actual anatomic structure for use with a computation flow dynamics program. The model is compared to normal to determine the changes in the dynamics plays and laryngeal air flow. With the head set and sensor voice care virtual reality therapy can be given.
Author’s disclosure statement :
No competing financial interests exist.
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